Go Fish Magazine September / October 2011

Marine Fish tagging, Royalty of the Ocean, Choosing the right ski, Johnny be good, Apex Predator week, The Jewel of Jozini, Fisherman Profile Mick Clarke, Tagging along for the future, Tackling up for kob, Ski troubleshooting - Post operation and maintenance, Going Bush, Local legends - Shane Breedt, Len Jones
Featured in this issue....
  • Marine Fish tagging
  • Royalty of the Ocean
  • Choosing the right ski
  • Johnny be good
  • Apex Predator week
  • The Jewel of Jozini
  • Fisherman Profile Mick Clarke
  • Tagging along for the future
  • Tackling up for kob
  • Ski troubleshooting - Post operation and maintenance
  • Going Bush
  • Local legends - Shane Breedt
  • Len Jones
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