Go Fish Magazine May / June 2012

Featured in this issue....
  • Live Bait - Part 1
  • Wahoo- Chasing the Oceans Titan
  • Hot Spot Pumula
  • Vertically Challenged Part Two
  • Grant Thompson- Bringing Fish back to life
  • Ladies on the water at the UKFC comp
  • Fishing in the Fair Cape
  • Jet Ski Trouble Shooting
  • Ski Fishing off Slummies
  • Going Bush Part 7

Live Bait - Part 1. Wahoo- Chasing the Oceans Titan. Hot Spot- Pumula. Vertically Challenged- Part Two. Grant Thompson- Bringing Fish Back to Life. Ladies on the water. Fishing in the Fair Cape. Jet Ski Trouble Shooting. Ski Fishing off Slummies. Going Bush Part 7.

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