Go Fish Magazine August / September 2016

And you thought last issues cover was unbelievable.An even bigger King Mackerel (Couta) caught..again off a Fishing Kayak. This time by Ettienne Thiebaut at Cape Vidal. read the full story here. The Codfather chats about the benefits of a Dual Battery System. Editor Kirk takes us on a journey to The Land before Lines- Bassas da India. We include our first part of our destination guide. Darrel hattingh goes over the difference between Open water and Ambush Spearfishing. The Codfather makes a call on the DSC VHF debate.and much much more...
Featured in this issue....
  • Jurassic Couta- minster King Mackerel caught from a Kayak
  • Dual Battery system explained
  • The Land before Lines- Bassas da India
  • Destination map
  • Ambush versus Open Water Spearing
  • VHF Radio- whats it all about
  • Shark Encounters- What to do
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