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Join Go Fish on the Fishing Adventure of a Lifetime and explore remote and often uncharted waters in search of the Ultimate fishing fight. We practice Catch and release at all times unless for a meal.

Go Fish Adventures will take you to unique and wild destinations such as Fiji, Seychelles,Lazarus Banks, The Primeiras, Our unique Ponta do Ouro to Santa Maria trip and much more. Fight Giant Kingfish that you can only dream of, massive Dogtooth Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna that will make your equipment cry, Wahoo that bite lead jigs in half, and species that you will never have caught before. We choose the best boats so that you are in the most capable hands and are in comfort throughout. Our trips are unique and often trips that you cant do anywhere else. Join the Fishing Revolution, Join us on a Go Fish Adventure!

Life is an Adventure. Go Fish it!

Ponta to Santa Maria

A Go Fish Adventure like no other. Join us as we journey 90km from Ponta do Ouro to Santa Maria by Sea. Boat options or bring your Jet Ski


What can we say, the hype is real. Seychelles is all its cracked up to be and so much more.

Dreams of seeing pack attacks of GT’s, two Bluefin caught on one lure and multiple Sailfish around the yacht is what makes this destination so special, you see things here that you won’t get anywhere else in the world. The pure beauty, incredible fishing and surroundings is something out of a dream. You can fish the inner islands of Bird, Dennis and Platte and the famous ‘ drop off ’ or if you want to really get the best, head down to the Amirantes and fish four of the most world renowned fishing destinations in Poivre, Desroches, St Josephs and Darros. Pop and jig from the boat or take the tender to the Atoll to flyfish for bonefish and GT’s or fish from the side of the atoll with plugs and stickbaits for whatever comes past, the options are endless. Our trip caters for it all.


The fishing is phenomenal and this is the sort of dream destination you need to tick off your bucket list. Fishing Paradise in a remote untouched heaven.

If you are picturing a tropical paradise filled with smiling, happy, rugby loving people you would be right. Throw in the incredible fishing and this is a paradise you normally only dream of. Part of the allure of a place like Fiji is that it is unspoilt and faces very little, if any fishing pressure. The Island you stay on is a tropical paradise, the waters are crystal clear and once you navigate one of the shallow channels you are basically in an aquarium. Your accommodation cannot be any more ideal overlooking this beautiful beach. 


This area is pretty much unfished, it is shallow and there are no local boats due to the lack of fresh water on uninhabited nearby islands.

We fish three main areas- One stretch of reef that is over 160km long. It rises up from 800m to 10m and is home to all types of trevally species, Dogtooth Tuna, Billfish, Couta, Wahoo and so much more. Months run from April till end of July. All on board a live aboard yacht. 

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